Kyla McCullough

Monday, September 8, 2008

A Day With The Yankees

Last weekend Bret and I took Kora and Bree up to Seattle so they could watch their first Yankee game. The girls were excited, however, I'm not sure they knew why they were excited... they just knew they were about to do something cool with Mom and Dad. They got a bit nervous when we got off of the elevator from the Safeco Field Parking Garage and walked into the crowd. It was a bit overwhelming for me, so I made sure they held our hands and with that I knew they would be fine. As we got our tickets scanned, bags checked, and talked to someone about where to go for our seats, we started up the stairs of the stadium. When we got to the top and rounded the corner, there it was, the look of amazement!

Kora and Bree at Safeco Field

That was it for me, seeing that look on both Kora's and Bree's faces was enough. They walked up to the top railing of the family section we chose to sit in at this game and watched the players on the field. They took a few moments in that spot never moving, and Bret and I stood back and allowed them to have those moments to themselves. It was truly an awesome emotion to witness.

I hope you are all able to experience what I did this weekend with someone you love. To give someone an experience and let them indulge in it. To do something out of the norm with someone and look in that persons eye and see the true joy that comes out of them.

While we were at the game the girls got to see a home run in the first inning from Bobby Abreu, just a few feet away from them. They got to be on the Jumbotron ( front of almost 45,000 people), they got to see Johnny Damon throw a ball in the stands just three rows in front of us, and the Yankees won: 7 to 4. They were both excited to see Derek Jeter in real life, got to see Joba Chamberlain pitch, and of course they were very happy to see Mo pitch the last four outs of the game.

McCullough Family at Safeco Field

It was a late night which turned into a wonderful weekend. We, as a family, did something that was the most fun we've had in years. I think we have been avoiding this kind of thing, for fear that we would be doing this without Kyla...and the emotion of incredible sadness would take over, and the main purpose of an adventure with the girls would be lost. However, we were a family... and I stress that to you, so you understand that Kyla was there too. She was there with us, sitting with us, she was cheering right along with the girls. And if you don't believe me...remember what the score was? Our team ended with 7 runs, and if you know our family and what we experience with that number, you will know as well.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Stand Up To Cancer (SU2C)

Just thought I would spread the word that there is a special one hour commercial-free show on the three major television networks tonight (ABC, CBS, and NBC) at 8pm ET/PT or 7pm CT geared at raising funds to fight cancer. I urge you to spend some time this evening watching this program...if for no other reason, to see for yourself how we are all connected in this battle.

Here is a related "Survivors" video clip:

Here is the website describing tonight's show:

Also, it looks like you can "launch a star" in honor of a loved one. It is currently in search-only mode until after September 7th but do take a minute to check it out:

"I'm gonna die, you're gonna die,
but how many of us are going to live?"

Keep up the fight!