Kyla McCullough

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

He is Risen! He is Risen Indeed! And because of is she! We love you Kyla! What an Easter you must be experiencing!!! You are in our hearts always...

Kyla At Easter

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Is It Too Late To Send In My Registration?

As many of you know, the deadline that we established to turn in registrations for Kyla's upcoming Benefit Dinner and Auction has now come and passed. Understandably, we have received a number of calls over the last few days from people that are concerned that they have missed the deadline. We just wanted to let you know that there is still time to send your registration in...we still have a little time before we need to give our final dinner numbers to the Crystal Ballroom. If you are planning to attend, please send us your registration at your earliest convenience. In addition, feel free to call or email us if you have any questions about the registration process.

We are thrilled with the auction items that we have been able to collect to this point...but we could always use more items! To view the auction items that have been donated so far, visit the Donated Auction Items section at the bottom of Kyla's Benefit Dinner & Auction page. We can continue to accept auction items up to a few days before the event. If you are willing to donate an auction item, please contact Lisa Ramage via phone (503.722.1470) or email (

We are looking forward to seeing each of you there!

Monday, March 10, 2008

No Air

There is a new song least it's new to me. It's called "No Air" by Jordin Sparks and Chris Brown. I know it's more of a "love" song, letting one know that they can't live without the other. I, however, think of something entirely different when I hear the song. It reminds me of Kyla and how my world is now. There is a point in which the song says: Do you expect me to live alone with just me cause my world revolves around you it's so hard to breathe. But somehow I'm still alive inside you took my breath but I survived I don't know how but I don't even care.

Some days there is no air, no way for me to breath...heart stopped and clueless as to how to get it started again. The panic sets in while I feel the pressure build up inside without much of an escape to let it out. I am on a big wave right now.... a wave of grief. It could be a number of things such as Spring is near which means that Summer is around the corner. It could be the holiday, Easter, was one of Kyla's favorite and one that brings the most promise for our lives. It could be the fact that I have been realizing Kora is almost out of the first grade, almost seven years old, and almost a second grader. A stage of life in which she will pass Kyla. It could be the fact that the fundraiser is bringing more and more work, which allows me to talk about and think about things that could otherwise be in the back of my mind and not thought about for awhile. Or maybe it's the simple fact that I miss my little girl...does there really have to be a reason?

Kyla and Brettie

The event that is happening on April 12th is coming along very well. However, if you remember how often I see the number 7 in my life since Kyla has gotten sick, you will see that 04/12 adds up to 7. So, how could this event not go well? :) We have people signed up to be K.I.D.'s, we have a great team we are working with, and if you can see by the count of people on the right side... we have a good start for attendance.

I'm not sure what more we can do or say to get more of you to come. I really think that the Kyla McCullough Gift Fund speaks for itself. If you come away with something from this entry, come away with this: You have an opportunity to help children who are suffering greatly in their lives, who cannot do anything about it. Not only that, but you can help those children by honoring one specific child.... Kyla.

Know You're Loved Always