Kyla McCullough

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Happy 11th Birthday Kyla!

Ah... another year of celebrating her birthday without her here. Our family doesn't know if we should laugh or cry. We don't know if we should go out and have fun or if we should stay in our home and sit. I woke up this morning saying happy birthday to her and wondering if she got that morning toast with a candle in it for her first birthday wish of the day. I wondered if my grandparents are planning a birthday party for her at the local skating rink, or at the amusement park that is around the corner. And while they set everything up, Bret's grandparents are keeping her busy... making clay, doing an art project, watching a movie with her. After a few hours Kyla arrives at her party only to find a ton of friends and family gathering around her cheering "Happy Birthday Kyla!" She looks around to see the matching plates, with the matching cups, and napkins.... while we provide the balloons. :)

The night that she was born people gathered around the room and looked down at this miracle that has just been presented to us. Bret was holding Kyla in his arms, never taking his eyes off of her. He lifted her in the air and said to everyone, "I would like you to meet Kyla-Elizabeth McCullough!" The emotions that night were overwhelming in so many ways... from that moment we knew she was destined to be something great.


Dear Kyla,
The emotion I am feeling today is something I cannot explain, I miss you so much sweetie. I want you to know that Daddy, Kora, Bree, and I are all wishing you a very happy birthday. I always made a few wishes of my own on your birthday, for you to grow knowing God and feel His blessings all of your days and for you to feel loved by us and know we are always here for you no matter what. I believe my wishes have come true and I am thankful for that. You are such a blessing and I realize you are a gift that I was able to have with me to help teach me some things. I grew up with you, Kyla... you and I were just kids but somehow we taught each other things every day. I thank you for not only being my daughter but being a great friend to grow up with. You made me a good mom, I couldn't have done it without you. Sometimes I wonder what kind of mom I would be if you were still here teaching me more things. We were a good team, and I am positive we still would have been. Have a wonderful day, we love you!



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