Kyla McCullough

Saturday, March 17, 2007

A Night In Renton, Washington

Hello everyone! Bret and I hope all is well for you and your families. We are in Renton, Washington right now, anticipating our first Dance Magic photo shoot. Bret is nervous but luckily for him I am here to make hime laugh at an otherwise stressful time. :) He and I work so well together that it makes this experience well worth the time and energy. The organizer told us it is a small show this time around, only about 70 contestants but Bret and I are pleased with that number. It will be nice to have a small show for our first time out of the shoot.

Being away from our girls has made us miss them dearly. It is a relief for me to know I will see them tomorrow, but I still miss kissing them goodnight. Like I said, Bret is a bit nervous with this big job we have agreed to doing, but he told me that he looked at a photo of Kyla this morning before we left the house and knew by the look on her face that he can do this. All day we have had signs from Kyla: We heard one of her favorite songs on the radio 'Caught up' by Usher, we saw two Tinkerbells in a car window, and I found a shinny penny outside of my car door when we arrived at the school to see where we would be setting up. Kyla is with us always, and I think it's just like her to show us that everything will be alright.

We are not only working hard on ThreeT Photography, but we are also making progress on the benefit dinner. Lisa and I have made up a flyer that will be posted on this site soon so you can just print off a copy and send the bottom in to purchase tickets. Bret and I have thought of some tricks we will be working on, and Lisa is starting to get auction items donated. This brings me to the next thing I wanted to say. If you or someone you know has an item that could be donated please contact us and let us know. Give us your phone number (so we can reach you when the time is right), a description of the item, and your address.

Thank you so much for your ongoing support...we don't know what we would do without all of you. Keep checking in to the site...we will be posting the flyer very soon.